We were all THRILLED with the photos. Loved them ALL. I look at them and it brings me back. I wish we could rewind!!"
-Mariko Yasuda Saperstone

"We are LOVING the pictures and slideshow. Thank you so so so so much. We'll write one of those fancyshmancy thank-you notes ASAP, but for now, just know, we are incredibly happy with the results, and will recommend you to friends for sure."
-Shira & Ezra Galston

"Chuck- I honestly cannot put into words how lucky I feel that we were able to have you participate in our wedding.  Pictures are very important to me - they bring back my memories.  I'm not joking when I tell you that your work is perfection.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Happily, Melissa"
-Melissa McNicol (Bride)

"Chuck was simply amazing. You hardly see him as he follows you and takes pictures of you. He is a professional who does not interfere with your wedding. We would think it foolish if someone did not hire him."
- Autumn Z. & Michael S.  (Bride and Groom)
"OMG!! We love them! You are TOTALLY AWESOME!! We can't thank-you enough."
-Nicole Woodley (Bride)
"We had an absolutely fabulous time at our wedding - thank you for being such a large part of it!  I knew that we were going to like your work, but these really exceeded my expectations.  Looking through these shots in order - particularly those shot in the park and before, during and after the ceremony - just helps me remember and relive such a precious day.  Thanks so much for everything.  You were wonderful!"
-Jordan Mossler (Bride)

"Chuck is just great and makes it even more fun to get married! He's a pro who is at the same time, always present but never intrusive. Make sure you include him for the pre-wedding activities as these pictures will be among the best!"
-Jack M.  (Groom)
"Our day would not have been as perfect without your insight to capture all those special moments. You were able to transform our day into something more magical."
- Persephone & Gordon Chan (Bride and Groom)
"Chuck Fishman has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with. I immediately felt comfortable being around him, and his work speaks for itself. I truly love the special moments that Chuck captured on our wedding day and I look forward to enjoying them for years to come. He is a true professional and anyone who reviews his work will agree that he is extraordinarily talented."
- Solana N.  (Bride)

"The wedding was wonderful wasn't it? Everyone was so comfortable with you and said so. M. said she told you that she wants you to be the photographer at her daughter's wedding.....whenever that happens. Thank you so much for being such a great person to work with. A big hug to you!!!"
- Dorothy B.  (Mother of the Bride)
"I'd been a magazine editor for thirty years. I wanted my photos to represent the best of photo-journalism. You were so unintrusive that we didn't feel self-conscious...You caught the day in all its big and small moments...You told the story of the best day of our lives...rendered perfectly..."
- Judsen C.  (Bride)
"We had a great experience working with Chuck Fishman and are in love with our wedding photos as well as with our engagement photos.  Knowing that these are photos and albums of events that will never be repeated, you want something that will make a statement and at the same time take you back to those days and remind you of all the little stories.  Chuck Fishman is amazing at capturing those special moments."
- Esther U. & Jonathan R.  (Bride and Groom)
The pictures are fantastic!!!!  Thank you so much for photographing our wedding - on BOTH days!  Our families adored you - thank you for being so easy-going and invisible!  I hardly noticed you were there - but know that you were everywhere!
-Lauren Herko (Bride)
The photographer is always right! - We are getting SO much pleasure looking at the photos and have spent HOURS trying to digest them.....have received a real lesson in photo journalism, too, just in looking.   I think my favorite (photo journalistically) is what I call the TWO HATS photo of Mom and Aunt with Roberto.
-Joanna S.  (Mother of the Bride)
We saw them all.  B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I have to say, the first word that came into my head was, "organic."
-Seresa Peterson (Bride)
WOW!!!! They are great and there are so many of them.  It is so great you got them posted so soon.
-Pamela Kupper (Bride)
We've gone through the photos and we're just pleased as punch.  Everyone -- really, everyone -- has just had really nice things to say. Even Jonathan and my mom said, about a photo of the ceremony, "good lord! Where was Chuck? I don't remember seeing him, but he must have been IN the fireplace."
-Marah Katz (Bride)

"The pictures are so lovely!! We so enjoyed looking at them and really experiencing them. You and they exceeded our imaginations. Thank you thank you thank you."
-Virginia G.  (Bride)
We were giddy while looking at the pictures and were laughing and enjoying the memories. It just further proved why we love your style. They tell a story and capture memories. Love it! As you can see I am still giddy.
-Esther Urshon (Bride)

"I viewed M & D photos online and wow, they are stunning! Thank you so much! I LOVE the photo on the home page of pictage - that's hot!"
- Tammy B.  (Wedding Planner - Charmed Places)
"It was such a pleasure to have you photograph our wedding. We love the pictures! There are just so many that are truly works of art. Even my father, who is a tough critic (natural since he himself is a photographer) loves them."
- Lynn Blank  (Bride)
"Chuck Fishman was a fantastic choice for our wedding!  His pictures were beautiful and perfectly captured the nerves, tears, and sheer joy of our wedding day.  He was extremely professional and unobtrusive, and was a very calming presence, particularly in the hours leading up to the ceremony.  He had our photographs ready by the time we returned from our honeymoon, and he has always been available to answer our questions and concerns.    We were extremely pleased with our choice of photographers, and would highly recommend Chuck Fishman to other couples."
-Sameer Anaokar (Groom)
"We received the albums & thought they were beautiful.  Kris was amazed at how they came out.  He didn't know what to expect.  Thanks again."
-Mary Rutledge (Bride)
"Wow-Incredible-Amazing-Thank you! A photographer to match the wedding - or shall I say a wedding to match the photographer. Perfect. You're a true artist."
- Trent Lewis  (Groom)

"Of all the vendors we selected, we were most pleased with Chuck Fishman. The photos are fantastic, not to mention he was a pleasure to have at the wedding.  The quality of his work is like nothing I have ever seen!"
- Denise C. & Eoin T.  (Bride and Groom)
"...a unique set of wedding photographs... Each image is so keenly observed. I feel as if I'm in a Henri Cartier-Bresson photograph - so well have you captured the 'decisive moment'."
- Donna Harkavy  (Bride)
Chuck is great! On the wedding day, he somehow makes himself feel invisible to you, so you don't feel uncomfortable and feel the presence of a photographer around all the time. He is also super-responsive with email and phone and accommodates specific needs and requests.
-Evren and Mike Kopelman (Bride and Groom)
"The wedding pictures were absolutely beautiful. So many who have seen them, say they are the best they've seen!!! We totally agree and were so pleased with them. Thank you Chuck! You captured our glow with some really special shots. Your professional and personable attitude made us feel extremely comfortable with the entire experience. You truly did a wonderful job and we can't thank you enough."
- Alice O. & Albert H. (Bride and Groom)
"As photographers, we were incredibly picky about who would shoot our wedding....to have our wedding preserved through your lens is truly a great gift."
- Steve K. & Jodi B. 

"It was wonderful working with you on the A&M wedding held at the Pleasantdale Chateau.  It was a spectacular event and as usual, your photography was exquisite.  Your photos are truly works of art.  You helped make the wedding magnificent with your superlative service, attention to detail and unsurpassed creativity.  You are the best in the business and it's a privilege to work with you.  Your talent is absolutely phenomenal and you truly are my favorite photographer in the world."
-Carol Beaugard (Wedding Planner - Affairs of Distinction)                                               

“Thank you for the stunning pictures you took at our wedding.  The photos are better than we ever could have imagined.  You captured the special, unexpected moments that we will treasure in the years to come.  We also appreciate your candid but supportive presence throughout the day.  It was a pleasure to have you with us. Thank you again for everything.
-Kristin and John Saroyen (Bride and Groom)
“Thank you for being part of such an important night for Dreams Unlimited.  For my part, I’m always at ease when I know you’re the man making the evening a lasting memory.”
-Heather Cleary (Event Planner - Dreams Unlimited)
“...you took some fantastic shots.  In particular you did some amazing work with Rachel's mother.  Thank you.”
-Joshua Frankel (Groom)
“I am overwhelmed by the beauty, variety and number of photos taken and how wonderful everyone looks. So many are artistic and truly extraordinary! I can’t stop looking at them – they help me relive the entire experience.  Even my friends were brought to tears when they saw the photos.  I can’t thank you enough for your extraordinary efforts.”
-Meryl Fern (Mother of the Bride)